Fun, safe, effective fitness bootcamps for busy mums on the go - Glenfield, Auckland

Get your groove back and keep up with your kids

Let’s face it – this Mum life is busy. Whether you’re at home with little ones or rushing from work to sports practice to PTA meetings, you need oodles of energy to get through your day.

At Encompass Fitness Bootcamps, you’ll build your strength and stamina so you can feel powerful and confident in your own skin. As your fitness grows and your energy soars, so will your self-belief, as you find yourself keeping up with your kids with ease.

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as you sign up for that soccer match, race along the monkey bars, or cross the finish line of a women’s event. All of this is possible for you – and more.

The childhood years are precious and they go fast. Don’t spend them sitting on the sidelines. Join our supportive community at Encompass Fitness so you can get your groove back and be the fit, fun and empowered woman and mother you deserve to be.

I’m Kelly Hebbink

I’m a qualified personal trainer and women’s health and performance coach, with a special interest in safe pre-natal and post-partum exercise.

My Encompass Fitness Bootcamps will not only make you feel amazing, but will give you the strength, stamina and energy you need to be a fit, active, fun woman and Mum. You can even bring your little ones along.

What to expect at Encompass Fitness Bootcamps

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